Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. I cannot tell you how excited and honored I am to have my new 7 song EP “ STRONGER “ out - September  2020 !!! 


This has been an international project. The recording for this EP began at EARWIG STUDIO and BIOSONIC RECORDING Studio in Seattle, Washington, before continuing its journey in Stellenbosch, South Africa at SUNSET RECORDING STUDIO. Coming full circle, the songs were mastered by Ed Brooks from RESONANT MASTERING back home in Seattle. 


My intention with this 7-song EP was to write songs that make one feel more empowered; stronger, more connected, songs that encourage, that reflect. Something that opens the door inwards. The themes of the songs are ones of empowerment, encouragement, and new beginnings. To be stronger even if it may come through vulnerability, or an inner-realization. Through leaving a relationship, or asking questions about one’s purpose and life path. Through meditating, dreaming, loving, and dancing with the flow of life. We breathe with all of life. 


The 7 songs on this EP embody all of these topics and end with the EP title song, “Stronger”, which is actually the most gentle song on this EP (as power doesn’t always have to roar). The song builds in a vocal chant with soaring vocals, cellos, and drums, and has a classical, almost fantasy feel to it. I also explored singing within a wider vocal range on this EP. For me, being stronger also means being braver with my singing. The song “Flow” is a musical sketch of a river building till it finally reaches the ocean, so the vocals are sparse, and it doesn’t follow cookie cutter song structures. “Let’s not leave this life broken” is the HEART of the album and is a request for wholeness, universal unity, and friendship - love beyond time space and dimensions of all human conditions. This song has a beautiful cello melody played by Michael Corson, and will be released with a video made by Light of Day Films. Taking things in a slightly different direction, “Until” has the most singer song-writer vibe on the album. It’s in 3/4 time and has a beautiful duet featuring vocals by Cebron Hansen, who also performs all the background vocals on this EP. 


Being a mermaid in past incarnation (one has to fantasize), my music always has a watery quality. Just as water does not have a form, but it takes the form of its container so my music does not sit in one specific genre but rather capture a fluid mood which is different from song to song and album to album. The most fluid song on this album is “Ocean”. It has always been one of my favorites to perform live, but I’ve never recorded an English version of it professionally, so I wanted to add it to this EP.  It has a “Game of Thrones” type of femme power to it. It’s a close-to-your-ear, spoken-vocals, emotional, oceanic, watery journey on the piano.


This new EP - “STRONGER”, definitely rocks more than my previous dream pop album, “Far&Wide”, and is a beautiful addition of 7 new songs to the collection of music that I’ve recorded so far. 


I am stronger because I am.


Much love and gratitude always, and thank you for being on this planetary journey with me!!! 




AMANDALA is an American, Seattle-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. AMANDALA was born in Cape Town, South Africa. 

AMANDALA writes original songs in a music style that draws on influences from indie pop, indie-folk rock and dream pop. Her main instruments are vocals, violin, piano and guitar.

AMANDALA released two albums “Far & Wide” 2016 and “Alles Wat Jy Lief Het” 2016.

AMANDALA has a new 7 song EP out September 2020.

AMANDALA brings together musicians from Seattle and South Africa when recording her albums in multiple studios. She recorded full length albums at Earwig Studio and London Bridge Studio in Seattle.

Her music is thought provoking and has a universal feel to it.

This all blends well with AMANDALA’S uniquely expressive voice.

Her lyrics embraces themes of racial and social equality, mysticism, observation, encouragement and transformation.

AMANDALA’s music has an underlying watery quality to it that can be experienced as something that stirs at the intuition, heart and intellect. 

Her songwriting is emotional and introspective, as is she.



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